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My Prayer for First Responders

O Lord I thank You for compassionate men and women today
Who selflessly serve in all kinds of weather day after day,
Answering emergency calls, rescuing many each day
In all kinds of circumstances and situations along life’s way.

First responders compassionately striving to meet many needs,
In compassion and courage performing wondrous heroic deeds,
Experiencing a hodgepodge of emotions day after day
Cascaded from heights of joy to the depths of despair along the way.

They know the wondrous joy of lives rescued, saved and set free
Restoration, freedom and the hope of ongoing victory,
Giving them fresh energy and new hope to carry on
As First Responders in crisis situations so hard and long.

But alas they also know the pain of death and horrible loss
Human pain reaping such a heavy toll and terrible cost,
Emotionally draining and ripping at the First Responder’s heart
Causing the streaming flood of hot tears to uncontrollably to start.

O Lord hear my prayer for our First Responders today
O now in love strengthen them deep within I humbly pray,
Compassionately now draw them into Your loving arms
Give the energy to go on and protect them from all that harms.

Ed Ostrom

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